Kevin Rhoades is a former executive director of Outdoor Writers Association America who specializes in producing quality print books and e-books. Kevin makes titles for self-published authors and small, independent book publishers. He helps writers self-publish books for profit. Services include book production to finished books with competitive pricing and an innovative approach to each project. All that is needed is your polished manuscript. Good dogs welcome, too!

Print Books

Not sure if you need 50 books or several thousand? Kevin has expertise and experience with print-on-demand and offset printers. Whether you need one book at a time or a large print run, Kevin will review your project and advise the most cost-effective way.


Jump on the e-book gravy train and re-publish out-of-print titles and sell them on, Barnes and, the iBookstore and on your website – or maximize your book’s potential by launching your newest title dually as a print- and e-book. Samples.

Bookselling Websites

Don’t let the giant online book retailers and brick-and-mortar bookstores make all the money! Retail your print books and e-books from your website, complete with customer reviews, a press kit, a book preview, posted reviews, and a store.