Print on demand affordable means to self-publish your book

By Kevin • January 16th, 2012

© Kevin Rhoades

If you are thinking about publishing a book but feeling disenchanted with traditional book-publishing, check out print-on-demand (POD) services.

As a book author you must first decide whether self-publishing is for you. Outdoor writer and book author Michael Furtman said in more than one outdoor-writer conference session that self-publishing might be the better venue if your creation is more of a niche nonfiction book that appeals to a regional audience, particularly if you have a means to promote your work.

What’s the sales potential of your book? It’s assumed upfront that a niche book will bring in less dollars than one geared to a national audience. Fewer customers, less sales potential, taking on 100% of the financial burden yourself – that’s why POD makes so much sense.  A POD author can put together a book and order a couple-hundred copies for 25-30% of what it cost to print via offset. You can always switch to offset printing later, which will lower each book’s unit price. Then you can fill your garage with thousands of books as your marketing plan and persistence pay off in terms of scores of books being shipped out the door.

Co-founder of Falcon Publishing and longtime book-acquisitions editor Bill Schneider says authors can be successful selling books in quantities that typically won’t interest traditional trade or specialty publishers.

“You can make money selling 500 books a year with print on demand,” he said.

Consider POD as a wise way to test the market.


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