Advantages of print-on-demand services

By Kevin • January 24th, 2012

© Kevin Rhoades

If you experience difficulty trying to find a publisher for your great fly-fishing or dog-breeding book, but absolutely know you have a fantastic idea, a tight manuscript and the ability to promote your work, print-on-demand (POD) printing is a wise way for self-published authors to test the market. A few advantages:


  • You don’t have to break your bank account publishing your book. After your manuscript is perfect, the print set-up fee can range from zero to a few hundred dollars
  • Can print one book at time or hundreds; no need to store books in your garage
  • Author can retain all rights to his/her work instead of giving up rights to the publisher
  • POD services can provide printing, packaging and mailing so you won’t ­­waste time operating as mailing house
  • Lightning-fast turnaround; proofs typically less than a week with books at your doorstep often a week later
  • Authors have total control over their work, from start to finish
  • With a great marketing plan, it’s possible to earn more money via POD printing and self publishing compared to mainstream publishing and the small signing bonus and miniscule advance with little hope for meaningful royalties
  • In some cases, the finished book, a great read and successful marketing can entice a publisher to purchase your book

Next time I’ll cover disadvantages of POD services.


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