POD disadvantage No. 1

By Kevin • January 28th, 2012

© Kevin Rhoades

The most apparent downside to printing books via print-on-demand is the unit price will exceed that of printing through an offset printer. POD is more fitting, cost-wise, when printing one or hundreds of books at a time, while offset is less expensive when producing thousands.

A 250-page paperback, POD-produced book with a 4-color cover, grayscale images or illustrations inside, might cost $3-$4 per unit while the same book produced via offset might cost between $1- $2.50, depending on the volume printed.

If you have a killer marketing strategy, have the wherewithal to work the plan, and have plenty of thick skin and persistence to peddle books – not hundreds but a thousand or more – this will help ensure you break even before walking the road to profitability. Despite the higher unit cost for POD books – if choosing an offset printer, I first recommend hiring a book-publishing expert experienced in acquisitions and sales to you counsel you.

It’s a $100 well spent before plunging down thousands for offset printing.


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