Re-publish old titles as e-books

By Kevin • February 2nd, 2012

If you’re an author with published books lying around on the bookshelf collecting dust, consider re-publishing your hardbacks and paperbacks as e-books.


Well, “Why not,” I would counter, with this follow-up: “Why not grab gravy sales from previously published works while garnering the reward of having geeks out there in cyberspace download and read your books?  And you receive dollars to boot!”

According to e-book sales figures published by the Association of American Publishers, sales in 2009 increased 4 percent over the previous year and in 2010 sales increased 169 percent over 2009. With the explosion of electronic gadgetry to read e-books, those keeping an eagle eye on the book-publishing industry predict the number of customers purchasing and reading e-books will continue to climb. Now is the time to take advantage of this trend.

If you wish to convert a print book to an e-book, first investigate whether you have the right to re-publish your manuscript as an electronic book. If you self-published your print book, then likely no worries.  However, if your book was brought to the marketplace through a publisher then you must secure written documentation specifying that you either have electronic rights or permission transferring the rights to you, the author.  Do this before taking another step.


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