Make money on the e-book gravy train

By Kevin • February 7th, 2012

Compared to traditional publishing, once rights are secured to recast you print book as an e-book, it’s typically a speedy process to bring your e-book to the marketplace.  While it can take months, even years, for mainstream publishers to bring print books to the masses, converting a print book to an e-book should take only a few weeks.

The cost? Typically a small fraction of what it takes to produce a print book. A decade ago, a self-publisher would outlay $8,000-$12,000 to produce, print and publish a print book. With the arrival of print-on-demand books, the cost to produce a print book decreased by much as 75 percent, while the price to produce a lightly illustrated e-book from a previously created print book is typically $175-$300.

What about royalties? Assuming the writing, editing and image-gathering phases of your book are complete, the content must be re-flowed according to the specifications of the large, online retailers, mostly Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore and the goliath book-retailer If your print book is converted to an e-book for sale on Amazon, for example, as long the book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99, the author can receive up to a 70-percent royalty.  How many book authors receive 70-percent royalties from mainstream publishers?

Besides the swiftness and affordability of bringing your e-book to the marketplace, not to mention royalties, e-books have other advantages, too, including zero inventory to pile up in your garage. And no fulfillment duties, either – no packaging, labeling or waiting in line at the U.S. Post Office to mail boxes of books.  Another e-book benefit: There is no waste; and no publisher will call to beg you to either buy “remaindered” copies of your print books for a dollar or two each – or she’ll turn your print books into toilet paper!

After deciding to convert your print books to their electronic cousins, educate yourself to the various e-book file formats so your works can be read by the assortment of book-reading devices including the Kindle, Nook and personal digital readers.


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