What is KDP Select?

By Kevin • March 16th, 2012

KDP Select is an Amazon.com program whereby authors make their e-books exclusive to Kindle for 90 days. Participants’ books become part of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and all participating authors divvy a monthly fund according to the total number of reader borrows.

In March 2012 the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Fund totaled $600,000. For illustration purposes only, let’s assume 100,000 total borrows in April. If your book was borrowed 500 times in April, then your piece of the fund would be $3,000. (500/100,000 * $600,000 = $3,000.)

KDP Select allows you to promote your book through the program for five days during the 90-day program. Can you sell your book while enrolled in the program? Yes. Borrows do not affect those wanting to buy your book.

Can you sell your e-book elsewhere while enrolled in KDP Select? No – not even on your personal website. Exclusive means exclusive.

Should I tryout the program for 90-days? It depends. If your e-book is available at other online stores, it might be more trouble than it’s worth, particularly if your book is a niche book. However, if publishing your e-book for the first time, KDP Select might be worth trying. Benefits include a chance for a piece of the $600,000, free advertising, and the possibility of scoring reader-reviews that you may not have received otherwise.

Remember, after 90 days if you are not satisfied you can discontinue the program and the Kindle-exclusivity of your e-book.


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