Create an online billboard on Amazon, et al

By Kevin • March 6th, 2012

Assemble your book’s online P.R. campaign on giant online retailers’ websites by typing or copying your book’s promotional-and-author information into the correct fields. On your “author billboard” include your book’s description, author biography and photos, a cover photo, a sample chapter or two, and editorial reviews.  If an e-book, the cover and sample chapters appear automatically when the book’s file is uploaded; if a print book, you might have to upload sample chapters yourself.

Amazon’s “editorial reviews” are one- or two-line promo blurbs that the author places there himself; copy author recommendations and endorsements from your book’s back cover or press release here, attributing the endorser. The more blurbs that entice prospective customers to buy the book, the better.

“Customer reviews” are written by those who have read your book. Nudge colleagues, reviewers and patrons to post customer reviews. The more, the better. Shoot for a minimum of 10, and keep asking.

Increase viewer interest by adding multi-media to your billboard. Amazon has the capacity for you to add video, blog- and Twitter feeds. If your book is as good as you think, take advantage of the full gamut of possibilities so viewers can decide to pony-up the cash.


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